Lebanon Hills Regional Park Campground, Site 80 (East Loop)

(This is my first try at creating an entry with email. Not sure how it will work, so if there are issues, check back in a few days when I have access to my computer again to fix any problems with post.) (Update: It came out pretty good. I have been having problems creating a new post on my phone using the Blogger website, but I can edit a post just fine. Awkward, since I have to resize the screen a lot, but it works.)

For this trip, I decided to head into the metro area instead of away. I've heard of this park for awhile now, and even though I used to live in the area, never visited. It's in Apple Valley, a suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

When we arrived and went to the office to check in (office located between the North and West loops), the campsites were wide open and small. From what I could see, most had either full hookups, or electric and water. But not a lot of room at the sites. We, however, are in the East Loop, which is much more spacious. For that, though, we only get electric, and no water hookups. No problems with me - I have yet to camp with the Dawghouse anyway with water hookups (I will at the end of the month). Update: I was mistaken. I took a little drive around the campground today to check it out more. The office is in the West Loop, and where all the larger RV's with full hookups are at. The North Loop is primarily designed for rent camping only. Small gravel pads, but plenty of area for tents. And no hookups (at least not that I could see). Like the East Loop, it also is  not so crowded and more secluded campsites.

The sites in the East Loop are much more spacious, and more secluded. Not only are the sites larger, there is more space between the sites, and that space is wooded. There are neighbors, but you can hardly see them through the trees. It reminds me a lot of camping at state parks.

Even though we have only been here one night, and it's still morning, I feel good enough about this campground to highly recommend it. If you like the tight camp spots with big RV's , it's here (I can't comment what it's like there, though - I just drove through that part). And if you like the wooden campsite of state parks, it also has those. Plus, being in the metro area, there's all the attractions of the cities.

One bit of advice - if you use a GPS to find it, enter "Lebanon Hills Campground". I made the mistake of entering "Lebanon Hills Regional Park" and it brought me to the other end of the park, where the beach and recreational area is at. It's not connected to the campground, so I had to go out and drive around the park to find the entrance to the campground. But at least I know that area is there for next time!