Maiden Voyage

I FINALLY MADE OUT CAMPING!!! Took a couple weeks, but here I am. I decided to head out to Frontenac State Park for a couple nights. It's only about 15 minutes from home, so if I forgot something,m quick trip to get it. Also, I don't have the time off from work, so it's also close enough to go to work during the day, and return to the campsite afterwards.

I've had the camper for 2 weeks now, and the first weekend I was still gathering what I needed and figuring out where to store everything inside the camper. Got that pretty much done, and the following weekend was Memorial Day weekend. But I was on call for work, so couldn't get out camping. But, I switched on call duties to the next guy on Monday morning, and decided that, while everyone else was returning from their camping trips, I was going to head out on mine.

And not only was it the first trip camping with the camper, it's also the first trip camping with my dog, Henry. That's an area he needs work on. He does a little growling at people and other dogs as they walk by, but not a threatening growl. More like "I'm watching you" type. And if they did come over, all he would do is get excited about other people and dogs he could play with. And if he sees them in a distance, he whines and whimpers because he wants to go play. So I'm trying to break him of that. I've heard some people use a muzzle, so I might try that and see how it goes.

As with all good things, the trip does have to come to an end. I'm leaving work a little early today to go pack up the camper and bring it home. But, it's really good to know that if I really get the itch, I can go camping there, and still work. There's even a word for it - Workamping.

Overall, it was relaxing, and enjoyable. I knew I would enjoy a small camper like this, and this trip proved it. Would it have been nice to have a larger one? Sure. But then you need a larger vehicle to tow it with, you have more room to be tempted to stay inside, and for me, that's not what I want from camping. It has some luxuries, but the space makes you really want to go outside.

Some things I learned about the camper:
  • It's small. Already knew that, but with me and Henry inside, there was very little room to move around. Had to put him outside so I could get the bed ready. Laying down was no problem, but if I just got up to use the bathroom or get something from the fridge, he thought it was time to go outside, and so he's heading for the door at the same time. 
  • With it being crowded with just us two, it's going to be interesting to see how it is when I add my 15 year old son to the mix.
  • Need to lighten the load some. Some of the stuff I could do away with, and others I need to find a more economical way to pack it. I brought an entire box of instant oatmeal for breakfast one morning, but only 2 packets would have worked, and saved some space.
  • Need to modify the front storage area a little. The board over the storage area are just plopped down, and I had a hard time getting under there with other items on top of the cushions. The boards would shift around, and had to shift them back to get things in place. The right side (as facing from the door looking in) was not so bad, but the left side has a conduit running down, and a slot on the board to fit over it.  So I plan to put those boards on hinges, and cut more away form the left board so I can lift it and not have that conduit in the way.
  • The cabinets up high (over the sink and over the counter on the left) I need to rig up something to prop them open. The hinge is on the tops of the doors, so they don't want to stay open. Trying to get things in and out was a little difficult. 
  • The step to get in and out has to be bigger. It's only one step, and about 4 or 5 inches high. barely any help when the bottom of the door is 14 to 16 inches off the ground. Since the door is in the rear, I don't want anything attached to the camper as it could get damages. Being back there, it could hit the ground on some dips and bumps. So need something that is fold-able and I can put inside while travelling. I'm a larger guy, also, so that needs to be taken into account, too. I'll have to take come measurements, but maybe something like this would work better: