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Dutch Oven Peppered Biscuits and Country Gravy

(Jothan Yeager from The Bald Gourmet website)
First, I apologize for using an image that is not of the actual meal I cooked. I didn't think to get a picture of it, so I found one online that I borrowed. I'm not typically one to take pictures of my meals, so I may forget every now and then, and have to use other images.

This is a meal I've made a couple times for breakfast while out camping, and it's been very good!I got the basic from Camping Cookbook Dutch Oven Recipes. I do have a few changes to it. For one, the recipes includes a biscuit recipe. I've never tried that, and I used frozen, pre-made ones that you cook in the oven (or in this case, while camping, I cook them in a Dutch oven). So I'm not including the biscuit part of the recipe. Just use what ever biscuit recipe you like, or the frozen biscuits if you like. I also mix all the dry ingredients at home and bring a zip-lock (type) bag to save time instead adding them at separate times as called for. …

Blue Mound State Park (MN), Site 21

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park of Sioux Falls, Site 605

Lebanon Hills Regional Park Campground, Site 80 (East Loop)